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Good translators always translate into their native language, the nuances and intricacies of which they know best. I therefore focus exclusively on translating from English into French.

Whether you are a company or an individual, I provide high standard professional translations, across a wide range of document types and fields.

My background in international business and my cross-cultural communication skills make me an ideal partner to adapt your corporate message and marketing strategy to your French audience:

  • Promotional material
  • Websites and blogs
  • White papers
  • Market research
  • Terms and conditions
  • Business plans
  • Proposals
  • Newsletters
  • Press releases
  • Presentation decks
  • Training material
  • Statements and announcements
  • Social media
  • And more!

As well as providing an accurate translation, I always aim to replicate the format of the source document to ensure the two versions can be easily compared.

Certified Translations

Certified translations (bearing my stamp and signature and accompanied by a letter of certification) are accepted by French authorities for various administrative procedures. Whether you need to submit translated documents for a French citizenship application, or ahead of your wedding in France for example, I can help!

As a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists, and a registered translator with the French Consulate in London, I provide certified translations of English official documents such as:

  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Divorce certificates (Decree Nisi or Absolute)
  • Police certificates (ACRO)
  • Court documents
  • Academic documents (diplomas, university transcripts)
  • Medical reports

Proofreading and Editing

I can also edit and proofread your previously translated documents by comparing them to their source to identify possible errors. Spelling, grammar, typography, punctuation and formatting are checked to guarantee their quality, as well as syntax, tone and style to ensure readability and flow in French.

I offer high quality, accurate and affordable translations.
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About Me

I am Caroline Gosling.

I have always had a passion for languages.

Raised in the Alsace region of France in a bilingual French-German environment, switching between languages has been natural to me from an early age.

After studying English at university, it became my main language of use when I settled in England in 1994.

Over a period of 25+ years working for international corporations, I used my language skills daily and gained significant experience in multinational business management and multi-lingual document administration.

In 2016 I validated my skills by gaining the DipTrans diploma with the Chartered Institute of Linguists, of which I am a member; and so Hopla Translations was born!

As a translator, I work in a meticulous and precise way, always aiming to achieve the highest level of accuracy. I take care to ensure that style and cultural aspects are preserved – a translation should read like an original text, and not a translation!

Given my corporate background, I understand the way in which businesses operate and their needs for quality, quick turnaround, and customer care. This drives me to achieve the best results for my clients, regardless of the scope of the assignment.

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