Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire a professional translator rather than use online translation tools?

Online machine translation services are very popular, easily accessible and can be a handy solution in many instances. However, when it comes to documents which must be translated accurately, even the slightest ambiguity of interpretation can result in costly consequences. Many idioms, nuances and peculiarities will be lost in translation by a machine!

Why use a freelance translator rather than a translation agency?

An agency is an intermediary between you and the translator, and your interlocutor will be a project manager. You will not get to exchange with the person doing your translation. With a freelance translator however, there will be complete transparency – you will have a direct line of communication, therefore any questions from either side can be resolved on the spot, decreasing the chance of errors or frustrating delays.

By building a working relationship with a freelance translator, they will get to know your company’s brand, core values and culture, which means that the terminology and style used in your texts will be more consistent than if different linguists are used.

When it comes to cost, a freelancer could be a better option, as working with an individual typically costs less than using an agency.

An extra bonus will be the customized approach and personal touch from somebody who cares and is happy to go the extra mile for their customer.

How much do you charge for your services?


Translation is charged per 1000 words of the source language (English) and pricing will depend on the specialisation and format of the original document as well as the level of urgency.


For proofreading and editing, i.e. checking the style, grammar, accuracy, spelling and understanding of a document which has been translated by another professional translator, I will charge an hourly rate, as the time spent will vary with the quality of the translation. Again, the rate will depend on the specialisation of the document.

Please contact me for a quote.

What payment methods do you accept?

Payment: via PayPal or bank transfer upon completion. An upfront deposit of 25% of the initial quote before work commences may be requested for larger projects.

No VAT is being charged at present.

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